It is not you it is me… Lebo style.

WARNING: This might be serious, and not funny…

The “it is not you it is me” is a classic, everyone has used it… But the Lebanese have taken it to a new level.

Now i can only refer to the stuff i have experienced, but i have to say it is a whole new level of psychological mind games here. Yesterday i got the most ridiculous version of the “it is not you it is me”. Just shy of a business school essay on “value added” it was one for the books.

So here it is. Let me not waste you time with the build up. Let’s dive right in.

I went on yet another date. Yet, this was an impromptu date. As in, it was not planned, we met at a bar. Very organic, no?

Circumstance allowed us to chat for a few hours. She laughed, she  commented on how interesting the conversation was, she even asked why i would consider living in Lebanon, because in her words; “People here are just not interested in the real world.”

Now, let me take a stept back. This is a smart woman. She is involved in the “real world”. She know about the things that make it turn. She had potential! So, why would this go wrong?

The answer is environment. The environment here is toxic to a great majority of people, but you would expect the “informed” to rise above. However, society is much more powerful then we might think. Additionally, the society we have developed here values all the wrong things. And for this reason, it is a insecure reality.

Wait, now back to the answer she gave me for not calling.

In her words, “she does not know what value she would bring to interacting with me..”

For the record, I dont buy it.  (dont thing i am an egotistical moron who takes this as a compliment). This is clearly an “out” for some other reason. Why i dont know.

But then why put the effort to stay with me all night? Why take me to her favorite places and run out my house after a little kiss. And why yell from the street at 6 am, “I had an amazing time!”

I know i have made awful decisions in the past made out of boredom. But this was a genuine attempt to get to know someone who i thought was interesting.  So what the hell happened? Why would someone who seems to have a great time for 8 hours of her life then run off an play dead until she sees me again(accidentally i might add)? I am seriously at a loss.

Hmmmm… In retrospect this should have been more funny. Sorry. But, i think these situations are past the funny stage now. Now I’m actually worried.

Ok, here is the awful humor in it.

Even if you meet a great girl (My definition of “Great”: smart. Cute, yet sexy. Fun. Interested, but also interesting, curious about the world and the desire to go on the adventure to find out why.) and the the Beirut shuffle still happens, where is the hope for someone who considers him or herself one of the normal ones?

The problem is i really have no answer for this one. Help.


About beirutdatingdisaster

I just moved back to Lebanon to finally live on one place for a few years. No matter how annoying it is at times, it is home. So, far I love being back.... But Dating here is simply a DISASTER.
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