The Nigerian Barista

I’m sitting in a cafe watching the look of utter confusion on the face of a Nigerian barista behind the counter at Caribou Coffee…

Come on everyone, let's sing love songs!

He is standing there with 2 Philippinos who are singing love songs like the Jachson 5 on a corner in Harlem during the 70’s…. And he is standing there with nothing to add to the situation, wondering how the hell he ended up there.

This is how i feel when i’m sitting with some of the women on these dates… Watching their gums flapping about their random topic generation and saying to myself … This is not normal… Like the Nigerian, i dont really feel like singing love songs by the espresso maker in between customers. I too ask myself, “is this what normal people do??? Am i the weird one for not wanting to stand around singing My Heart will go on???

Sometime your environment will make you doubt what you have always know to be true… But that Nigerian man and Myself are not going to bend to the will of the crowd.

Our hearts will go on…


About beirutdatingdisaster

I just moved back to Lebanon to finally live on one place for a few years. No matter how annoying it is at times, it is home. So, far I love being back.... But Dating here is simply a DISASTER.
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