The Good Night Diss…WTF?

I’ve been away for a while… For a combination of reasons. One of which was i was dating someone… It is now over, and there is not really much to tell there. Sometime you just don’t see the potential in something cause the chemistry is just not there… The relationship just does not have the natural lift to make it off the runway. Whatever the reason, it just comes to an end. However, unlike before, it is better to put a bullet in it early then let it drag unnecessarily making the whole extraction worse later.

Nevertheless, life will move on whether you like it or not. So get back on the wagon and dive right back into the dating pool…. Even if it the pool is full of shit.

Now, dating is shit every where. However, I think the batting average is higher in other cities. I’m not trying to beat down the locals, but it seems to me that out of 10 dates in other cities 1 will be awful, 2 will be boring, 2 are uncomfortable, 2 are fun but somethings missing, 1 is interesting but does not work out, 1 is a confusing but leaves you thinking, and 1 keeps you wondering when you’ll see her next.

Beirut, seems to force you to go on 20 dates for that 1 that keeps you wondering when you’ll see her next. Anyone who has read this blog will know that i’ve been on some astonishingly shitty dates…. And those are just the ones worth writing about. So i feel confident to say that you need 20 dates to find a decent one. But that is tiresome. In the end you hope that it is all worth it….

Then, low and behold you find a pretty interesting girl. You go on a date. You have her in laughter half the night and in suspense with stories the other half. It was that one date you have been swimming through a seemingly endless ocean of poop for…. So when the night comes to a close you think to yourself, “I gotta give her a good night kiss…I mean it is rude not to!”

And then you get the cheek.

Sometimes all the brain can process is WTF as a response.

Probably the only time your brain can’t actually think the words “What The Fuck!”… it just shows you the letters “WTF!” like Wildy Coyote falling off a cliff.

When did a kiss become such a promiscuous event that it requires a dis like that… What’s worse is that it is followed up by a string of text messages. Where is the decisive human physical response to the question, “are you interested”???

Cause i am definitely not interested in texting you all night like we are 13. Nor am I interested in becoming your friend. If i had been, i would have brought more people with me on what is obviously a date… Just so we are clear i don’t need another friend. In fact i am not even accepting Friend applications unless some weird turn of events justifies it.

There needs to be a bit of a reality check in Beirut. A man will not ask a woman out because he wants to be buddies. If you accept that invitation out, you should expect that (so long as things go well) that he will have a physical interest in you. If you are too PG-13 to understand that, then please don’t bother leaving the house!

Now that i am thinking in acronyms like WTF on these dates, i feel like a PG-13 kinda guy again.  LOL and FML cause i think im gonna sprout some pimples and have my voice crack as I yell

“TTYL Beirut!”


About beirutdatingdisaster

I just moved back to Lebanon to finally live on one place for a few years. No matter how annoying it is at times, it is home. So, far I love being back.... But Dating here is simply a DISASTER.
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1 Response to The Good Night Diss…WTF?

  1. Blushing says:

    Hi there, this post is super funny and very true. For me though sometimes I have to turn down the kiss… if it doesn’t feel right. I know it sounds lame and childish, but there it is. And not feeling right at that specific moment doesn’t mean i won’t feel right the next day. A girl might surprise you and make the move herself when she feels it 🙂

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