The Group Date… Yes, there were 5 of us.

I’m not one for persistence when it comes to chasing women. I know it is suppose to be the way things are done out here, but seriously grow up. If a women can’t get the hint that I’m not some kind of foodie or part of a research team for TimeOut and that this is actually a “Date” then i give up. At some point a basic level of maturity is expected, especially if a follow up date is arranged.

So, this is the story of 2 dates… 4 months apart.

The first one went really well. So well in fact that i decided to hold off on the first date kiss and treat it like a Lego project; build it brick by brick. Little did i know, this would be another immature adventure in Lego Land (Warning: Only suitable for ages 5-14).

LegoLuving in Lego Land

Now, that date ended with a suggestion from the girl that “we should definitely do this again sometime”.

Now, in my ignorant arrogance i assumed that this meant we should go on another date. So, I initiated the process a few days later…. Silly me.

I proposed a good restaurant that was linked to conversation that we had had the previous evening. Showing that not only was i interested but, i had indeed listened to some of what we talked about that evening (An ability that is not always present on some dates). But here is her response:

Via Text Message: “Oh, Wednesday wont work for me… Eeek! Sorry!! But let me know another time!!” Ciao Ciao”

Hmmmmm, I think, “Now im fucked… Cause i have to put myself on the line again to shoot in the dark at another day, where she may or may not be free…”

So i decide to call, but low and behold she is booked all weekend, but asks me to arrange something early next week. Without thinking i agree and we chit chat about the weekend plans before saying “bye bye, talk to you early next week…”

It is Monday evening… So i call…. (Silly me). Again an onslaught of excuses followed by hyper active intonations from her of “Let’s do this soon!!!!!”

Here I draw the line… I’ve asked 3 time after all… So i simply say…“You tell me when you’re free and i’ll arrange
it. Ok, thanks… Talk to you when your free….”

4 months later…..

Text Message: “G!!!! How are you????? It has been ages… We really need to catch up! Are you free for a drink tonight??”

My Thoughts: “Well Fuck me in the goat ass…. That was unexpected…Maybe she actually meant it when she said she wanted to go out again….”

So drinks are arranged… a few jokes traded and we’re meeting at 9….

9:00 to 9:45: Having a great time, catching up….I’m being a gentleman, pulling out chairs and creating dynamic conversation. The evening is again going really well… I’m getting psyched cause she is the one who called me… What could go wrong at this stage????

9:46: “Heeey, my cousin is near by!!!! Can he join us for a bit????”

Now, there is no way i ca say no…. I have to put on a smiley face. But, who knows how long “a bit” really is… No big deal.

10:15: It has been about half an hour of hearing about the dramatic relationship of a 19 year old French boy with a love triangle on his hands… And the saddest part is i’m jealous of him, cause 19 year old French girls seem to have a clearer idea of a relationship then most women my age.

10:16: My Date:”Heeeeyyyyy, my best friend is here!!!!”

At this point a table for 2 has now become a table for 4 and i’m sitting in between a 19 year old and a sweet but basically engaged friend. The evening has already been derailed so there is really no point in carrying on.

So I politely explain that i have some friends at another bar and I’ll be going there in about 30 min. But, being Lebanese I politely suggest that they are all welcome to come.

My Date: “Heeey, my friend XXX is in the area…Let’s just wait for him and then we will all go…”


I flip the table over and and light all the spilled alcohol on fire and walk away leaving the date it flames… After all that is how it went down…

Then i snapp back into reality and act like the quite and agreeable Japanese tour guide that i am…. After all this is my basic role for the night. If only i had a small flag and interesting facts about the place we are going the rest of the evening….

Domo Arigato Madame… .This date is over.

Look, Godzilla is about to destroy another date…




About beirutdatingdisaster

I just moved back to Lebanon to finally live on one place for a few years. No matter how annoying it is at times, it is home. So, far I love being back.... But Dating here is simply a DISASTER.
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8 Responses to The Group Date… Yes, there were 5 of us.

  1. Blushing says:

    Don’t ‘approve’ this comment, just wanted to point out a typo (tell me if that sucks) i’m just ADD with spelling (pls point out mine on my blog), anyway it says arrage without an ‘n’ somewhere. hilarious posts by the way. I added you to my blogroll. So how come there is nothing in the ‘about’ section? and no email?

    • Hey! I’m happy you liked the blog. thanks also for the edit advice. I tend to type these on the run and edit them later…. But I know it must be a pain for readers.

      As for the Bio in the about section, I wanted to keep it as anonymous as possible, but that is still hard in this city. I take it you know who I am……?

      See you soon,

  2. Blushing says:

    Nope, no idea πŸ™‚

  3. Blushing says:

    does that mean you know me? pls reply by email

  4. Alice says:

    This post was not only funny, but also very familiar!
    No matter where you are in the world, who you are dating or trying to date/get to know etc… it all boils down to communication. People need to better communicate when speaking to someone, but MOST importantly the person listening needs to hear what is actually being said as opposed to hearing what they want.
    Perfect when you finally wrote her the message ” you let me know when you’re free”, but not coherent with how you acted on your second date. When you take someone out and in the middle of a date you realize that the other person is not that into you (or she is so long as there is no one else around he/she is more interested in spending time with), you should politely address the issue.
    “Listen, it’s getting late, it’s obvious that we’ve consumed all available discussion arguments and that you are no longer interested in my company, enjoy the rest of your evening” OF COURSE (!!!) she/he will deny it, but actions do speak louder than words, so removing yourself form the situation in a polite manner shows maturity, but also firmness, coherence and self respect.
    What I think people tend to forget in personal relationships, is that by being true to yourself and expressing how you feel about a situation or how someone if making you feel in a polite manner is a very important educational process for both parties. You learn to give value to your feelings and thoughts and learn to communicate and the person learns how their behavior/situation is effecting you. Only in this situation can two people learn and understand each other…..because their actually externalizing as opposed to wishing or expecting the other person to read your mind. TALKING IS KEY!!! xx

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